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2009 was a dynamic and important year in the history of Sthlm Policy Group. We now look forward to new exciting projects in 2010!
Summarizing 2009, we look back on a dynamic and important year in the history of Sthlm Policy Group. We have consolidated our business strategies as a value-driven limited company. We have also strengthened our network of international partners such as the Advocacy and Policy Institute  in Cambodia, Fundación Ideas para la Paz in Colombia, Bridging International in France, and Transition International in Holland. One colleague and close friend has moved on to study at the Master of International Law program at the University of Edinburgh. However, we have also welcomed a new colleague with extensive experience in the field of climate change and linkages to conflict risks to the team. 

One of the founding partners spent 6 months on leave of absence to work for the Swedish Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York during Sweden’s Presidency of the European Union. During that period, an Australian guest-consultant joined the SPG team in Stockholm, making a highly valuable and appreciated contribution to the company.

During 2009, SPG consultants have visited all five continents, conducted context and actor analysis in conflict affected environments, such as the West-Bank, Gaza, Iraq and Liberia, and evaluations of programs and activities performed by non-governmental organizations such as Forum Syd, Church of Sweden, Diakonia and the Olof Palme International Center. Evaluations, reviews and background research in policy processes have also been performed for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 

We have also continued our role as external advisers to the Folke Bernadotte Academy through which analytical and methodological support has been provided to the Swedish National Contact Group on Security Sector ReformA needs assessment was performed in Liberia in early 2009 where a recently developed operational framework for SSR assessments was used for the first time.

During the Swedish Presidency for the European Union, one of our consultants was part of a team developing a guiding framework for the EU Commission and General Council Secretariat for how to conduct joint comprehensive assessments for Security Sector Reform.

The research on Interim Stabilization was launched and the report printed, distributed and presented at the international convention; CIDDR in Cartagena, Colombia. The report; Interim Stabilization – Balancing Security and Development in Post-conflict Peacebuilding, responded to a research gap identified by the Stockholm Initiative on DDR that presented its final recommendations in 2006. The report covered filed-studies of cases in Cambodia, Colombia and Uganda.

SPG’s secretariat-function for the international Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission was phased out in 2009 as the Commission held a concluding conference in Washington in March. WMDC’s chairman; Dr. Hans Blix remains a member of SPG’s Advisory Board.

In the second half of 2009, SPG has also taken important steps towards consolidating its position on a private market, helping companies with conflict sensitive strategies for accessing emerging markets around the world. These efforts will continue in 2010 and we look forward to giving further updates in the coming months!

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