Spot-checks of Integration of the Human Security/Conflict Sensitivity in the works of Sida’s Framework Organisations Nov 15

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Sthlm Policy Group led spot-checks of the integration of conflict sensitivity/perspective in the operations of four of Sida's framework partners: Church of Sweden, Union to Union, We Effect, and World Wide Fund for Nature.
The spot-check assessed the organisational capacity and processes of Sida's partners for taking into account how contextual factors affect the implementation of a development programme, and how the development programme can intentionally or unintentionally affect conflicts/tensions in a society or community.

The spot-check sought to understand the ability of the organisation to minimise potential negative impacts and maximise positive impacts on conflict dynamics, within an organisation’s given priorities/objectives.

The scope of the spot-check was four Swedish framework partners with 30 partners in Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, and Myanmar.

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