Conflict sensitivity assessment of non-governmental organisations in difficult human rights environments Nov 15

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Sthlm Policy Group led assessments of four of Sida partners: Church of Sweden, Union to Union, We Effect, and World Wide Fund for Nature. The assessments aimed to bring clarity about how the organisations identify conflict risks in their operational environment, and developed risk mitigation strategies to allow them to continue with their operations, and to contribute to peace building.
The assessments focused on the organisational capacity of partners for analysing the risks and impacts of the local context and conflict dynamics on the implementation of a development programme, and how the development programme can intentionally or unintentionally affect and exacerbate conflicts/tensions in the communities where the project is implemented.

The assessments sought to understand the ability of the organisation to minimise potential negative impacts and maximise positive impacts on conflict dynamics, within an organisation’s given priorities/objectives.

The assessments included 30 local partners in Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, and Myanmar.

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