SPG and NCG back in Afghanistan Oct 16

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Sthlm Policy Group has joined Nordic Consulting Group (NCG), Norway, in conducting a study of NGOs receiving Norwegian financial support in Afghanistan. The study is commissioned by Norad and Royal Norwegian Embassy (RNE) in Kabul.

The objectives of the study include inter alia: to identify and assess the results achieved by the group of NGOs so far; support the further development of Results Based Management (RBM) approaches, including the the development of credible baseline information; and assess the degree to which the NGO interventions have been aligned with national and local priorities and processes and provide recommendations on how such alignment could be strengthened.

The study included a two week mission to Kabul and a field visit in Faryab in October 2012. A report is to be presented to Norad and the RNE in Kabul in November.

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