Mentoring students at Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm (EHS)/ University college Stockholm (UCS) Sep 29

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Sthlm Policy Group mentored students at EHS studying human rights and democracy who are pursuing bachelor and master degree in human rights.

Studying Bachelors Program in Human Rights. At University college Stockholm (UCS), Department of Human rights and Democracy, this interdisciplinary program introduces students to human rights as a philosophical, legal, social and political concept. 

The M. A. Program in Human Rights and Democracy provides students with advanced knowledge and skills in interdisciplinary human rights studies, with a specialization in the relation between human rights and democracy. 

The program examines the history, theoretical development and practical realization of norms pertaining to human rights and democracy. It provides students with a solid grounding in how these norms – and the practical issues they stimulate – are addressed especially within the fields of law, philosophy and politics as well as other social sciences. The program allows students to develop transferable skills such as project planning and evaluation; problem-solving and research methodology; professional writing and oral presentation. Through such insights and skill-sets, students are equipped to pursue successful careers in public administration, international affairs, as well as in private companies and NGOs. Those who successfully complete the course are also eligible to apply for doctoral studies.

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