Integration of a conflict perspective and conflict sensitivity for the International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR) Feb 21

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Sthlm Policy Group held a digital presentation for the Regional Coordinators about integration of the conflict perspective in operations, and its relevance to the The Swedish Workplace Programme (SWP). The SWP programme was analysed from a conflict/human security perspective, identified the programme’s potential drivers for conflict-prevention and/or positive impact(s) on human security, and provided recommendations to the programme implementation team on how to optimize the potential positive effects on human security, and in the same time prevent/mitigate potential risks.
The Swedish Workplace Programme (SWP) is a collaboration between the International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR) and IF Metall. The SWP builds on the idea that the workplace can be a powerful change agent to drive decent work opportunities and sustainable business practices. As such, the programme aims at “Enhanced decent work opportunities and sustainable business operations by strengthening the capability of the private sector to more effectively manage challenges due to the lack of physical, mental, environmental, economic and social wellbeing at the workplace and in surrounding communities.”

Comments: 4

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