Evaluation of Geneva Peacebuilding Platform Oct 16

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Sthlm Policy Group led an evaluation of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform (GPP). The evaluation was commissioned by GPP, and focused on assessing overall achievements since the previous evaluation in 2014; and opportunities for the future development of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform.
The Geneva Peacebuilding Platform is a knowledge hub that connects the critical mass of peacebuilding actors, resources, and expertise in Geneva and worldwide. Founded in 2008, the Platform has a mandate to facilitate interaction on peacebuilding between different institutions and sectors, and to advance new knowledge and understanding of issues and contexts related building peace. It also plays a creative role in building bridges between International Geneva, the United Nations peacebuilding architecture in New York, and peacebuilding activities in the field. The Platform's network comprises more than 4'000 peacebuilding professionals working on building peace directly or indirectly. The Platform provides policy-relevant advice and services, ensures the continuous exchange of information through seminars, consultations, and conferences, and facilitates outcome-oriented dialogues on peacebuilding practice.

Comments: 4

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