Evaluation of a dialogue project in Palestine Nov 13

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SPG was commissioned in 2015 by the Conflict Management Institute (CMI) Martti Ahtisaari Centre to evaluate CMI’s entire work in Palestine, consisting of two separate but complementary projects, namely: “Supporting Palestinian Dialogue and Consensus” implemented since April 2010 and “Facilitation of thematic dialogue with relevant national actors” implemented as a separate project in 2012-2014. Since the beginning of 2015 all CMI’s work in Palestine has been incorporated under the “Supporting Palestinian Dialogue and Consensus” project.

The evaluation covered the stakeholder groups of the mid-level dialogue process, thematic dialogue process and some selected stakeholders from the high level activities including both the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project. The stakeholders were located mainly in West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem, Israel (1948) and in the diaspora communities for example in Lebanon, Jordan and London.

The evaluation served the information needs of the project team by providing information about the relevance, effectiveness and impact of the work and by also gathering feedback from the stakeholders that the project team was not able to acquire on their own. The information also served the information needs of CMI, regarding the results of (its) work, lessons learned and will support CMI leadership in decision-making. The evaluation also supported the Masarat board in assessing the relevance, effectiveness and impact of the project and the focus with regards to the stakeholder needs.

The evaluation:

·      Provided information and evidence of the past performance of the project(s) and the role of the two separate but complementing processes in creating results;

·      Analysed the relevance of the project interventions and project’s results in the context of the Palestinian reconciliation process and the needs of the stakeholder(s); and

·      Provided recommendations related to the future focus of CMI/Masarat work in Palestine. 

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