Evaluation of Kvinna till Kvinna in the Middle East Sep 28

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In the summer of 2015, SPG was commissioned by Kvinna till Kvinna, to evaluate the organization’s programme Women as Agents for Peaceful Development and Democratisation in the Middle East (2011-2014)

The programme is implemented in partnership with civil society and women’s rights organisations in Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. The programme aims to support the work of these local organisations promoting legal reforms on women’s rights and strengthening the framework of protection of women from violence and discrimination.

The evaluation set out to assess the achieved results, generate key findings, underline lessons learned and provide recommendations to guide and inform KtK in the planning of any possible extension period of the programme.

 Based on an understanding of KtK’s theory of change and an in-depth assessment of the contexts in which the programme was implemented the evaluation team conducted a qualitative assessment of the relevance of the programme design and focus and assessed the results that had been reported in the programme period. The evaluation team undertook field research in Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, supported by local experts in each context. 

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