Study on Democratic Development through the UN Published Mar 31

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The Evaluation of Norwegian Democracy Support through the UN system, in which SPG participated, has been published by Norad.
Throughout 2010, Sthlm Policy Group participated in an evaluation of Norwegian support to Democratic Development through the United Nations. The evaluation team was led by the Norwegian firm Scanteam.

The final report has now been published by Norad.

The report is available here.

From Norad's website:


The review team had to rely heavily on the time and support from a wide range of persons. The team would in particular like to thank the persons interviewed in the field: staff of the UN agencies, public officials, civil society and beneficiary representatives, and staff from Norwegian and other donor embassies. The team would further like to thank the UNDP Governance Group in New York and UNDP Governance Centre in Oslo, staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Norway’s Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) in Oslo. The team was met, without exception, by a positive and forthcoming attitude by all met, for which we are grateful.

The task was carried out by Scanteam in partnership with Overseas Development Institute (ODI)/UK, the Stockholm Policy Group (SPG)/Sweden, and Nord/Sør Konsulentene (NSK)/Norway. Arne Disch/Scanteam, was team leader and overall responsible for the report, the mapping study, Mozambique case and Afghanistan desk study, and media and access to information work. Marta Foresti/ODI was responsible for the literature review. Hannes Berts/SPG was responsible for access to justice and judicial development and worked on the Guatemala case while Vegard Bye/Scanteam was responsible for the human rights work and elections and carried out the Sudan case. Liv Moberg/Scanteam addressed civil society role and did the Malawi case while Hanne Lotte Moen/NSK was responsible for the gender dimension and Pakistan case. Manolo Sanchez/Scanteam also addressed civil society and led the Guatemala case while Endre Vigeland/Scanteam looked at public sector oversight and did the Nepal case.

The team was supported by Prof. Helge Rønning/Institute for Media and Communications, University of Oslo in the field of media and communications; Goran Fejic/ International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) regarding electoral processes and institutions; and Agneta Johansson/International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) on access to justice and judicial development. The quality assurors were Erik Whist/Scanteam on methodology and overall management of the task, and Joël Boutroue/independent consultant, on the UN system. This Report is the responsibility of the consultants and does not necessarily reflect the views of Norad’s Evaluation Department, Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or their staff, or any other organization or informant referred to. Any remaining errors of fact or interpretation are the responsibility of Scanteam."

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